Jeremy Millar

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Birds (Page: 1/2)

Duration 00:36:12:15
Digital Video / PAL 16:9 Anamorphic / Stereo

Another video inspired by the life and work of Wittgenstein and, with The Dark Night of the Intellect, included in the exhibition ‘There Where You Are Not’ at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, in 2005. This simple work sets out to explore how one might relate with an historic figure, and consists of a single, static shot of my own rather derelict back garden over which is played Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet of 1891. Despite our marked differences in historical context, upbringing, wealth, intellect, and familial closeness, what I share with the philosopher is a love of feeding birds from my back door. Indeed, this might be all that connects us, but as Wittgenstein said, ‘In the beginning is the deed’. The Clarinet Quintet received its premiere in the Wittgenstein family home in Vienna, when young Ludwig was two years old, and it is a piece that he often played on the piano during periods of loneliness. Here, it acts as a means of time travel, connecting our respective domestic lives. What is indeed most extraordinary is that at numerous points in the piece the birds seem to move in time to the music,

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