Jeremy Millar

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Ulysses (Page: 1/2)

Anri Sala with Franz Ferdinand and Jeremy Millar

A work by the Albanian artist Anri Sala made with the band Franz Ferdinand and myself for his exhibition at Hauser and Wirth, London. Sala was given a new and unreleased track by Franz Ferdinand, which was then broken down into its constituent parts: melody, chorus, rhythm etc. I was then asked to write the score for the drum track, using only descriptive words, and not musical notation. Noting the title of the track, ‘Ulysses’, I suggested that the score should consist only of words and phrases found in James Joyce’s novel of that name. This score was written, with Sala, and displayed on panels surrounding the drum kit, complete with the song’s lyrics.
    Visitors to the exhibition could then listen to the various melodic elements — but not the sung lyrics, the drums, or a complete version of the song — and attempt to drum along to it, using the written score as guidance. Each visitor was invited to record their version of the drum track, and this will be remixed by Franz Ferdinand and included in a special-edition CD to be released later in 2008.
    A single word was also